The Yearly Journey


About once or twice a year, I journey to wholefoods. It’s probably my most favorite place ever, and I never fail to over flow my cart with goodies, yesterday was one of those days… I got to go to wholefoods. And boy did I have fun stocking up!

One of the things I always buy when I go is smoked salmon. I just love it, and its far too expensive to eat everyday, so its a super special treat when I get to have it.


Toasted piece of sprouted bread smeared with goat cheese, topped with roasted red peppers, smoked salmon, and green onions. One the side a throw together salad of oranges, beets, onions, cucs, olive oil, and balsamic. Nothings complete without some pepper!

I know I ate this far to fast, but I couldn’t help it! It was so darn good!

I am happy to be blogging again, I hope I can keep it up, with school things are crazy! However I’ve been doing well and of course I am always eating healthy!!! 🙂 I will be creating more pages when I have time… one especially explaining the title of my blog . . .