Me: A cook. A hunter. A gardener. A health obsessed young lady.  

I like art, history, God, and food…lots of food. Well, not lots…but I like all types and learning about it too.

I have always been a rather fit person, but in high school my whole perspective on eating and life changed. I wanted to be healthy for the rest of my life. I wanted my family to be healthy and my future family to be healthy. So I do just that.

I eat all natural and nourishing foods. Many of which were once on my grandma’s plate. Bacon, sauerkraut, meats, dairy (goat dairy is my fave!), vegetables, and home-grown fruits. Oh yeah.. I totally believe in coffee too. I include all of the above and more in my eating. Oh and eggs, I eat tons of eggs. However I include lots of fat + meat regularly because I am a caveman at heart… (not literally…haha) but without a legit protein such as eggs, lots of dairy, or meat (peanut butter does NOT cut it) I am hungry, grouchy, and what I call ‘faint’…and literally..I will faint without eating protein at a meal. The only things I don’t eat are: un-humanly raised meats/dairy, refined SUGAR, processed/refined grains, and things that come from packages. I aim to soak or sprout most of my grains, beans, etc. I also love fermentation.  🙂 Exhibit A: (many more to come…)

As for exercise…I walk….run when I get the urge. Bike. I do lots of yoga. And during the summer…I swim…a ton. And I love it.

I’m finishing up high school and on my way to perusing my dream of heading down the nutrition world! Feel free to follow me there…. 🙂


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    • Well I used to have another blog called..”teenaghealthfreak” may remember it. so hello again, i’m finding time to blog now finally! and started fresh!! 🙂 so people who were subscribed to that i believe are still subscribed to this blog..but they don’t know it exists b/c of the name change?? haha.ya..confussing.
      and thank you for your encouragement!!! 🙂

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