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“Woking” around


Two years ago I was forced upon taking a Chinese cooking class. Learning the art of “woking” ;), making egg drop soup, and learning about all those little extra ingredients that are REALLY in chinese food. None the less, I don’t remember much. One thing I do remember: fresh vegetables are important. As is putting cold oil in a cold pan; then heating it up. Sounds simple I guess.

The other night my mom called me and said I would need to make dinner, she said there was defrosted beef and a TON of surplus veggies from the garden….. Nothing was pre-prepped (aka, soaked or sprouted and ready to roll for dinner) Not good. So the first thing that came to mind was…stir fry. Oh but wait, I need steak for that…or do I? Nah, I don’t.

It’s probably been done, but I thought it was a cool idea, so I set out to make ground beef stir-fry and it worked!!! 🙂 So I have a very simple recipe to share.

Ground Beef Stir-Fry

  • 1 lb of local ground beef
  • olive oil
  • pepper, garlic
  • any surplus of veggies you have! (I used squash, snap peas, cabbage, onions, bell peppers, and carrots)
  • soy sauce, naturally fermented of course
  1.  Put cold oil in cold wok. (enough to coat the bottom of the pan, a generous amount…it’s called stir-FRY for a reason 😉 )Turn on heat and get it hot, NOT SMOKING! Do it slowly.
  2. Add onions, peppers, and beef. Mash up and brown the beef.
  3. Next add your garlic (I used two cloves), pepper, and all the veggies. Now star stirring it!!! And then I usually throw all of the real rules of making a good stir fry (quick and fast sorta thing) and I just steam it and put the lid on, but that’s just me. 😉

I served..UNSOAKED rice on the side bottom of the stir fry. Normally we soak our rice, but we failed to plan ahead. Tisk tisk. Happens to the best of us 😉  And serve it with some soy sauce if you like that sorta thing!

have a GREATTT rest of this week. Already Wednesday!! 😀




summmah is here!!


Summer is finally here! I’ve actually been off for about 1 1/2 weeks, but finishing up everything has been exhausting!! Lots of scholarship follow-up type stuff and other things…but I’m mostly FREEEE for now!! 😀 And this is what we’ve been busy with in the food dept…

Garden goodies!! 😀 banana peppers, tomatoes, and green beans have been in abundance. Anyone have any good recipes for banana peppers??? We’ve got watermelon, bell peppers, okra, and corn also makin’ its way it the garden! 🙂

Luckily, many people around us grow very large gardens. I thought ours was large, but it’s really not compare to some!! Luckily a friend gave us 25 pounds of pickles, yes 25 pounds. So mom and I have been canning like crazy. We did 1 gallon of sun pickles, they are already ready and eat-able!! And we’ve put away at least 15 quarts, if not more. I haven’t actually counted. We’ve even had extra, for salads and things. Which I need to share a few of the cucumber recipes I have randomly crafted out of our garden goodies!!!

It’s exciting!! We’ll have pickles all summer and winter from a local garden. 😀 We used my grandmas recipes. Some are sweet..but most are just dill pickles. We’re hoping to later put away some tomatoes from our garden, it would be great to be able to skip buying canned tomatoes!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summah! 🙂


Whats under all the cheese cloths??


^^^ I really have been asked that question!! haha. well, go ahead take a peek. . . . .

My family has come to the conclusion that our kitchen is a science experiment, I beg to differ. haha. 😉

I have really been on the soaking &  sprouting,  quite well actually. With 50million things to do now..It’s easy to forget. So….Every Sunday I sit down and plan out what we’re cooking for dinner for the week. Then I also have another schedule of food prep, what days we need to soak what. It’s worked quite well thus far! 🙂 In addition to our usual Keifer and kombucha…I’ve been making soaked biscuts once a week, pancakes and all kinds of Nourishing Traditions goody. So I’m excited to share what I’ve been doing!!!

Beet Kvass

My verdict: okay, so it’s not really all that easy to get down, especially at first. But I’m getting used to it..and it’s taken away some little glitches in my body I’ve noticed lately!!! 🙂 My first day of drinking it….my body wasn’t sure what was happening though! haha. I sweated a bit ..but after that I have had no other problems. Feeling good! 🙂 And brewing my second batch from those beets today!

Butter. Cultured butter.

Beautiful milk!

butter 🙂

I can’t say how thankful I am that I can get raw jersey milk so close to my house! A blessing!!! 🙂 And the greatest butter ever. 😀

I also made a soaked……and soaked again cake. It’s the orange cake from Nourishing Traditions. Our Easter dessert!

Delish. Next time I think it needs less juice though. I think the organic oranges I bought were a bit too large for it!! Otherwise, I felt great about this cake. Knowing that I was digesting all the other {Un-nourishing traditions} food on the table quite well with the help of this cake. 😉 and no one even noticed the difference. 😀

Yay for fermentation!!! 😀 Hope everyone is having a great week thus far!!


Your eating…butter? cheese?


to answer that….um, yes, yes I do.  🙂

So there is no doubt I come across as the “healthy girl” at school, the one who brings us weird cookies at holidays…yeah, that’s me 🙂

So, why was it when I brought a cheese and butter sandwich to school everyone went hay wire?! 1. I made the butter from raw milk  and 2. local cheese handmade just 15 minutes from my home. can we say nutritious please. Not to mention the sprouted bread.

Many were appalled that I eat butter. HAHA!! DO I EAT BUTTER????? um, yes please.

Just thought I would share a few  meals I’ve had recently, which pertain to foods that were on my grandma’s plate…some may not have been, but the general idea is that we have ancient foods here. haha 🙂

Dutch Baby Pancakes

The little bubbles are butter bubbles 🙂 This is a soaked dutch baby pancakes. Complete with cream, butter, honey, and blueberries.

A real meal that my grandmother most definitely would have eaten. Homemade sausage composed of deer and pork. Home grown beets, homemade pickles, and green beans with onions and butter.

Yes, I went there. I actually MADE some empanadas. From start to finish. Soaked dough filled with ground local meat, rice, sautéed veggies, and corn…plus antioxidant rich spices. A dollop of guacamole on top finish with a random salad on the side.–heavily coated in cilantro 😀 

And I snack that keeps me alive and kickin. Helps me push through my government homework. While soaking up a bit of sun. 🙂  sprouted wheat berry crackers, carrots, few pickles, dried deer/pork sausage, and kombucha.

I have some other  REALLY fun and exciting projects rollin’ and ehh..fermenting in my kitchen…will be sharing soon!! 🙂

Have a great Holiday Weekend! WHOOTA WHOOOTA!


soaked & dried.


It’s been a glorious past three days. I have gotten out of school early..which means tons of EXTRA time!!!! wow. For the most part..I’ve been cleaning. Purging my closet of clothes I have no idea why I have. I am ready for a fresh start to spring!!!! I’ve also been having tons of fun on the food front:

drying peanuts in the sun (they were soaked…) in order to make:

Nourishing Traditions Style Peanut Butter, amazing. mmmmm!!

Grinding flour….

Spelt ground into flour…I finally got a Vitamix– two years of saving money. best. purchase. ever. Love it. The flour became….

These wonderful spelt english muffins. 🙂

That’s what happens when I put off taking a picture….the food gets eaten. haha. We had a wonderful breakfast with these today: fried eggs butter, bacon, and homemade hash browns on the side with onions/garlic. No picture….sry. Love being able to wake up at yoga and cook my family breakfast!!! Without a HUGE rush..i haven’t been too concerned with actually getting to school..i’ve just realized it happens. Even if it means wearing sweat pants. 🙂

However, I was able to have a “fun” and different lunch while being at home:

brown rice, beets from a friend’s garden (about two), sautéed kale and onions from our garden in garlic, butter, salt+pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. Plenty of goat cheese for three people 😉 I liked it..and to my surprise I was full for a full two hours. 🙂 Followed with a large glass of keifer milk.

glad to have time to do fun things! Hope you all are having a great weeek! 🙂




GMOS {Genetically Modified Organisms}

I’m going to cut to the chase so that I can get to the strict point of this! I got an email a few days ago about GMOS…..

Do you think that food should be labeled if it’s genetically modified?? Note: they are thinking about doing this to ACTUAL animals….including salmon!!! 

Well…I certainly think it’s WRONG. Let nature flow the way it goes….you wouldn’t want someone modifying you!  If you are with me and haven’t heard the news…we have like 6 days left to say something about it!!!


WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHATS IN OUR FOOD AND WHETHER OR NOT IT’S A GMO FOOD! So if you would like to say something about it…go to this website and click the TAKE ACTION tab! 

They have about 990,000 comments and they need 10,000 more!! Let’s help out!

Check out that website its pretty nifty info too!

I felt the urge to post this because I wanted to spread the word! Go stand up for what you believe in!!!

Peace.  🙂

Duck eggs for greens


That title holds legitimate relativity to this post… promise!

My inner-healthiness has officially been revealed to the world around me….it used to be something I held in with absolute control and pride. Why?? Who knows….

But I’m offically..”the healthy girl that does yoga” at school…I really don’t have a problem with it. Sure, I get asked MANY questions about it all..but ehhh..I’m cool with it! 🙂

Anywho….one of my friends…was speaking about the abundance of DUCK EGGS she has. I was like..WHHHAT! You have DUCK eggs?? To my suprise..she totally did. None the less right then and there, a deal was made. I would trade her some leafy greens from my garden for her duck eggs. YAY!!!

We have been so blessed this year to have an abundance of kale, spinach, and boston bibb much to the point that we can SHARE and give it to many people!! I love that feeling…its awesome! I am sharing what I grew in my back yard!!!

None the less, the trade was definitely worth it…espcially since I eat about 12 or more eggs a week…I love eggs!!! Full of some many awesome nutrients..they can’t be beat!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week thus far…tmro is FRIDAY!!!!!

Peace 🙂