summmah is here!!


Summer is finally here! I’ve actually been off for about 1 1/2 weeks, but finishing up everything has been exhausting!! Lots of scholarship follow-up type stuff and other things…but I’m mostly FREEEE for now!! 😀 And this is what we’ve been busy with in the food dept…

Garden goodies!! 😀 banana peppers, tomatoes, and green beans have been in abundance. Anyone have any good recipes for banana peppers??? We’ve got watermelon, bell peppers, okra, and corn also makin’ its way it the garden! 🙂

Luckily, many people around us grow very large gardens. I thought ours was large, but it’s really not compare to some!! Luckily a friend gave us 25 pounds of pickles, yes 25 pounds. So mom and I have been canning like crazy. We did 1 gallon of sun pickles, they are already ready and eat-able!! And we’ve put away at least 15 quarts, if not more. I haven’t actually counted. We’ve even had extra, for salads and things. Which I need to share a few of the cucumber recipes I have randomly crafted out of our garden goodies!!!

It’s exciting!! We’ll have pickles all summer and winter from a local garden. 😀 We used my grandmas recipes. Some are sweet..but most are just dill pickles. We’re hoping to later put away some tomatoes from our garden, it would be great to be able to skip buying canned tomatoes!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summah! 🙂



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