Whats under all the cheese cloths??


^^^ I really have been asked that question!! haha. well, go ahead take a peek. . . . .

My family has come to the conclusion that our kitchen is a science experiment, I beg to differ. haha. 😉

I have really been on the soaking &  sprouting,  quite well actually. With 50million things to do now..It’s easy to forget. So….Every Sunday I sit down and plan out what we’re cooking for dinner for the week. Then I also have another schedule of food prep, what days we need to soak what. It’s worked quite well thus far! 🙂 In addition to our usual Keifer and kombucha…I’ve been making soaked biscuts once a week, pancakes and all kinds of Nourishing Traditions goody. So I’m excited to share what I’ve been doing!!!

Beet Kvass

My verdict: okay, so it’s not really all that easy to get down, especially at first. But I’m getting used to it..and it’s taken away some little glitches in my body I’ve noticed lately!!! 🙂 My first day of drinking it….my body wasn’t sure what was happening though! haha. I sweated a bit ..but after that I have had no other problems. Feeling good! 🙂 And brewing my second batch from those beets today!

Butter. Cultured butter.

Beautiful milk!

butter 🙂

I can’t say how thankful I am that I can get raw jersey milk so close to my house! A blessing!!! 🙂 And the greatest butter ever. 😀

I also made a soaked……and soaked again cake. It’s the orange cake from Nourishing Traditions. Our Easter dessert!

Delish. Next time I think it needs less juice though. I think the organic oranges I bought were a bit too large for it!! Otherwise, I felt great about this cake. Knowing that I was digesting all the other {Un-nourishing traditions} food on the table quite well with the help of this cake. 😉 and no one even noticed the difference. 😀

Yay for fermentation!!! 😀 Hope everyone is having a great week thus far!!



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  1. I did a couple of batches of kvass last year and they just sort of tasted like salty dirt LOL! I’m always attracted to it though so I imagine I’ll be giving it another shot at some point. I SO want to love it.

    • Not going to lie…i don’t love it!! haha..but i’m not letting my beloved home grown beets go to waste! haha.
      I agree on the salt + dirt taste…i’m going to have to cut out some of the salt next time!!!

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