Your eating…butter? cheese?


to answer that….um, yes, yes I do.  🙂

So there is no doubt I come across as the “healthy girl” at school, the one who brings us weird cookies at holidays…yeah, that’s me 🙂

So, why was it when I brought a cheese and butter sandwich to school everyone went hay wire?! 1. I made the butter from raw milk  and 2. local cheese handmade just 15 minutes from my home. can we say nutritious please. Not to mention the sprouted bread.

Many were appalled that I eat butter. HAHA!! DO I EAT BUTTER????? um, yes please.

Just thought I would share a few  meals I’ve had recently, which pertain to foods that were on my grandma’s plate…some may not have been, but the general idea is that we have ancient foods here. haha 🙂

Dutch Baby Pancakes

The little bubbles are butter bubbles 🙂 This is a soaked dutch baby pancakes. Complete with cream, butter, honey, and blueberries.

A real meal that my grandmother most definitely would have eaten. Homemade sausage composed of deer and pork. Home grown beets, homemade pickles, and green beans with onions and butter.

Yes, I went there. I actually MADE some empanadas. From start to finish. Soaked dough filled with ground local meat, rice, sautéed veggies, and corn…plus antioxidant rich spices. A dollop of guacamole on top finish with a random salad on the side.–heavily coated in cilantro 😀 

And I snack that keeps me alive and kickin. Helps me push through my government homework. While soaking up a bit of sun. 🙂  sprouted wheat berry crackers, carrots, few pickles, dried deer/pork sausage, and kombucha.

I have some other  REALLY fun and exciting projects rollin’ and ehh..fermenting in my kitchen…will be sharing soon!! 🙂

Have a great Holiday Weekend! WHOOTA WHOOOTA!



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  1. Just followed your link from kellythekitchenkop… Blog looks great! My daughter (a teen) and I just started blogging about our real foodie adventures together! I’m stoked to show her yours when she gets home later.

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