soaked & dried.


It’s been a glorious past three days. I have gotten out of school early..which means tons of EXTRA time!!!! wow. For the most part..I’ve been cleaning. Purging my closet of clothes I have no idea why I have. I am ready for a fresh start to spring!!!! I’ve also been having tons of fun on the food front:

drying peanuts in the sun (they were soaked…) in order to make:

Nourishing Traditions Style Peanut Butter, amazing. mmmmm!!

Grinding flour….

Spelt ground into flour…I finally got a Vitamix– two years of saving money. best. purchase. ever. Love it. The flour became….

These wonderful spelt english muffins. 🙂

That’s what happens when I put off taking a picture….the food gets eaten. haha. We had a wonderful breakfast with these today: fried eggs butter, bacon, and homemade hash browns on the side with onions/garlic. No picture….sry. Love being able to wake up at yoga and cook my family breakfast!!! Without a HUGE rush..i haven’t been too concerned with actually getting to school..i’ve just realized it happens. Even if it means wearing sweat pants. 🙂

However, I was able to have a “fun” and different lunch while being at home:

brown rice, beets from a friend’s garden (about two), sautéed kale and onions from our garden in garlic, butter, salt+pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. Plenty of goat cheese for three people 😉 I liked it..and to my surprise I was full for a full two hours. 🙂 Followed with a large glass of keifer milk.

glad to have time to do fun things! Hope you all are having a great weeek! 🙂



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  1. I want to make homemade peanut butter! I’m always scared that my food processor will start to smoke from too much work haha. I definitely need to invest in a vita mix one day

    Enjoy home!

    • haha..I was scared of the same when I had a small food processer ….but it just takes a lot of starting and stoppping. Yes…invest in one!!! It may seem like a huge hunka cash..but I have no doubt you would love it and use it..i use mine about everyday!!!! 🙂
      thanks!!! 🙂

    • Yes try it!!! It’s sooo yummy! I haven’t had any trouble with getting it out…yet….and i really don’t use recipes..i just kinda roll with it..but i do add a little bit of oil and i don’t process it till it’s totally liquidy..i just think that would be a pain…but make a lot at one time..the more you have the easier it is to get out for sure!!

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