GMOS {Genetically Modified Organisms}

I’m going to cut to the chase so that I can get to the strict point of this! I got an email a few days ago about GMOS…..

Do you think that food should be labeled if it’s genetically modified?? Note: they are thinking about doing this to ACTUAL animals….including salmon!!! 

Well…I certainly think it’s WRONG. Let nature flow the way it goes….you wouldn’t want someone modifying you!  If you are with me and haven’t heard the news…we have like 6 days left to say something about it!!!


WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHATS IN OUR FOOD AND WHETHER OR NOT IT’S A GMO FOOD! So if you would like to say something about it…go to this website and click the TAKE ACTION tab! 

They have about 990,000 comments and they need 10,000 more!! Let’s help out!

Check out that website its pretty nifty info too!

I felt the urge to post this because I wanted to spread the word! Go stand up for what you believe in!!!

Peace.  🙂


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  1. I am SO signing the petition! That is so sad that they are thinking about doing it to animals. It’s one thing to do it to plants, but it’s going a little too far when they start it on animals. Thanks for letting me know about the petition!

    • I would love to see that! I have not yet…i will definitly look for it at the library!! I can only imagine what it’s got to say!

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